-So, I'll admit. I haven't been that great at keeping up with the blog.  Pretty much identical to the million times I've said...."I'm going to start a journal."


Buuuuuuuut I just got back from Colorado working on a project that I'm still frothing over.   An experience that just felt too proper to not atleast share a little something on here.  

 One of my best amigos invited me out to build a mini ramp for the Zumiez 100K event.  Thanks Dave for making our childhood dreams come true!  Haha, I remember growing up building (more like repairing) ramps when we were younger.  We enjoyed rolling at the local backyard ramps in the 'burbs.  It was the perfect halfway point between Dave and mine's houses in Maryland and it was uber sketchy for a bunch of young grommets to be hanging out, but in the long run, I think taught us a lot. 

The chance to come out and indulge in all that Denver has to offer (as well as the negative degree temperatures) was literally, breathtaking.  This was my first visit to  the area and I could immediately tell the attention to detail and design downtown.  The eclectic storefronts and snowy streets only added beautiful accent to the gorgeous backdrop of the mountains peering down on the city. They called me a “gaper.”  I thought it was because of my mouth being wide open in awe the whole time at how big the mountains were....but truthfully, I think it’s a kooky term for some snowboarders. haha.

We enjoyed the New Year Celebrations, enjoyed some fresh powder on Loveland Mountain, and then got straight to work soon after.  With only Dave and myself as a crew, we knew we were going to have to bust our ass to meet our deadline.  Dave has had some great experience the past several years fabricating ramps for top notch clients in the snow and skate industry, and it was a pleasure to learn his process, as well as catch up with and old friend. 

We worked long , cold days to get it done...but played just as hard.  Part of the payoff was that we got to kick it at the event.  After all, we were responsible if anything were to break during.  Zumiez sure kicked off a hell of an event.  It was nice to see that even some of the larger retailers in the industry do a great job of treating their employees right, and doing it with flair.  The 100k event is thrown once a year on the top of Keystone Mountain in the Keystone Conference Center.  The event is to show appreciation for all employees who reached a quota of 100k dollars sold.  Everyone enjoys a day of snowboarding on the mountain and gets to kick it with many of the owners of the brands they sell everyday.  There were plenty of other guest appearances by  hip-hoppers, skateboarders, and artists that I never imagined I'd be able to be in that setting with . So many legends that I wanted to pay homage too who had inspired me since my youth.  I won't start dropping names because....well that's just lame, this isn't People magazine.  The theme of the party was Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and well....that's just most totally Excellent.  The Conference Center was decked  to the nines.  You walked up to fireworks and a space-age-reflective-suit band ripping star wars-esque metal (just like the movie) and then through a gigantic telephone booth.  I don't think I've ever been to a party this big and this elaborate.  The best part was, the employees were all dressed within theme and loving every second of it.  They felt the respect when owners ,from all of the companies that Zumiez carries;   (every brand from Von Zipper to Rebel Eight to Obey, Benny Gold, Dark Seas, So-Gnar, and Thrasher Mag to name a few) came to thank the team for being so believing in what their brands represent.  After all, they’re the ones repping and selling more merch for their companies (in a mall retailer) than any small little skate, surf, or snow shop hiding in their respective landscape.  (As true as it is.)  The guys all thoroughly enjoyed ripping up the ramp we had sweated over the previous week.  It was quite a reward to see it get enjoyed so publicly and positively.     Not to mention the custom paint job by well-respected doodler, Russ Pope . It was quite an “antic-filled night” with a beautiful , beautiful aesthetic of art, music...skate, snow.....and Bill & Ted Excellent Adventure :). 

Thanks again Dave Sheets, for making shiz happen.  You're a true friend and continue to teach me all of your tricks of the trade.  If you haven't seen any of Dave's makings give it a look-see. My man is on a righteous path and I have the utmost respect for his style of illustration and craftsmanship.  I’m super grateful to have good friends who are the most generous with their hospitality and their freezer full of elk meat. yumm. ||

Here's a few photos from the trip  .....


--If I haven't blabbered enough about it on instagram yet, I am extremely stoked to be a part of the first Carolina Surf Film Festival. The event is October 16-18 at the Brickhouse Party Plantation. I just finished up the tee shirt and official flyer work, and will have a booth at the event as well.  I'll also be doing some sort of live art.  Please go to CarolinaSurfFilm for showtimes and tickets.